Denon DP-62L

Denon DP-62L

I think most would agree that the Denon DP-62L is a beautiful turntable. But, does it’s performance match its looks? Well, it hit the market in the early 1980’s and had to compete with the big hitters in the turntable market such as Pioneer, Kenwood and Sansui. The DP-62L retailed for about $600 in 1982 and has a direct drive servo controlled motor that starts up in less than 1.5 seconds. It’s pretty hefty, weighing in at just over 25 pounds.

Denon DP-62L Dustcover

It offers speeds of 33 and 45 rpm and came with either a straight or S shaped tonearm both of which are interchangeable. The S shaped tonearm will accept a heavier cartridge. The Dynamic Servo Tracer tonearms, as Denon called them, are fully adjustable. The Q-Damping will allow the stylus to track even warped records smoothly by compensating for cartridge bounce.  Turn off Q-Damping and the tonearm becomes a static balanced unit.

Denon DP-62L Plinth

The Denon DP models really are great looking turntables. Interestingly they hit the market at just about the same time that CD’s were introduced. The transition to CD players occurred quickly so many of these Denon models saw very little overall use before being put into storage. One caveat is that the electronics inside the DP-62L are complicated and the microprocessor is a proprietary Denon component. If an old capacitor blows and damages a microprocessor you’re kind of out of luck in terms of fixing it. If you’re interested in maintaining one of these decks then you should check out this thread at VinylEngine.

Denon DP-62L Platter

Wow/Flutter is 0.008% WRMS while rumble is 82 dB. So, yes, this turntable’s performance does match up with its looks given the caveats mentioned above.

Denon DP-62L Tonearm

If you’re looking for a semi-automatic table that has conversation starting looks and solid performance then the Denon DP-62L might be for you. You’ll need to be a little risk averse knowing that some parts are nearly impossible to replace though. That being said, a beautiful DP-62L just recently sold for nearly $900 and, in good working order and condition, they regularly sell for $600 to $700. If you’re patient you might find one for a little less.

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16 thoughts on “Denon DP-62L

  1. I recently inherited a Denon DP-72L turntable from my late brother. It is missing the tonearm set screw. Do you know where I can find one? My understanding is that the screw for the 57, 62, and 67 is identical.

      1. Hello I am interested in your Denon DP-62L does your have both straight and curved tone arms and what kind of cartridge does it have ? What price do you have on it ? You can text me at 513-371-0455 thanks Keith

  2. I am looks for an original Duplicate for a 62L. All the duplicate are missed the emblem on top. Mines is scratched but functional. Get w me.

  3. I have a Denon DP-62L to sell. The automatic lift and stop functions do not work, but it still plays as a manual table. It looks and sounds beautiful. I have everything it came with – manual, brochure, both tonearms, spare head shell and three sizes of counterweights. Dust cover and rosewood plinth are pristine. No cartridge provided. I am in Houston and will ship. $600 or make offer.

  4. I have a DENON DP-60L to sell. It comes with all factory accessories and 2nd S shape tonearm – 2nd counter weight and cartridge – straight tonearm – spare head shell for S shape tonearm. The dust cover and plinth are pristine condition. No cartridge provided. I am in Quebec and I can ship in Canada and USA

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