Pioneer PL-115D

Pioneer PL-115D Dustcover

The Pioneer PL-115D  is a semi automatic,  2 speed, belt drive turntable.  It has an elegant look with the walnut grain base and charcoal top. It utilizes a speed detecting auto-return mechanism that will smoothly return the arm to rest even with a warped record. It was made in Japan and hit the market around 1976.

Pioneer PL-115D Platter

The arm is a static balanced S shaped pipe arm and does have an anti-skating device. Cartridge weight can be between 4g and 10g.

Pioneer PL-115D Tonearm

The PL-115D operates at both 33 1/3 and 45 speeds. the platter is aluminum alloy die cast. The belt drive uses a 4 pole synchronous motor with wow and flutter at 0.07%.

Pioneer PL-115D Speed

It uses a light plug in type aluminum headshell. It does not have VTA adjustment.

Pioneer PL-115D Headshell

Pioneer sold many, many PL-115D turntables so they are not rare. But, demand is high. Since so many were made parts are easily attainable which makes it a good entry level turntable. With a little modification it can be a really good turntable. Fully restored they sell for over $300. an average unit sells for about $150.

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6 thoughts on “Pioneer PL-115D

    1. It doesn’t have speakers built in. You’ll need a pair of speakers as well as an amplifier. The amp can be a stereo with a phono input on the back or a small specialized phono amp that you can find on Amazon.

  1. I have one of these turntables that has been sitting idle for some years, but now I’ve decided to use it since I have bought a new receiver that will accommodate it. I’ve cleaned it up a bit, it spins at 33.5 but when I play records the sound is distorted, which I assume is related to my old shure cartridge. Can you suggest an optimal replacement cartridge for $100 or less?

    Thank you.

    1. Its a standard mount tt (1/2 inch) so you can anything thats not for p-mount cartridges. I would start with at-vm95e, thats the most popular cartridge and you can upgrade the stylus when it wears out if you want so you dont have to buy a new cartridge. But thats where you should start!

    2. Also do you have your turntables rca’s connected to the phono input and the ground wire connected to the gnd? Could also be your phono input could not be that good after you get a new cartridge if still same problem. You got to get a phono preamp instead. Budget friendly one thats the best is dj art pre ii($68). If you want to spend a little more schiit mani 2($150) they are the best 2 under $150. If you want to spend more there are several options

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