Braun PS600

Braun PS600

From the late 60’s early 70’s comes this modernist, industrial looking Braun PS600 turntable. Of course Dieter Rams, the chief designer at Braun for many years, is well known for his industrial looking designs. In fact this turntable is collected not only by vinyl enthusiasts but retro modernists and mid century collectors as well. Rams philosophy was that “less, but better” which is fairly obvious when looking at the PS600.

Braun PS600

The German made Braun PS600 will play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 speeds. Wow and flutter is 0.07% and rumble is 65dB. These are good quality turntables and can perform at a high level. A good condition fully functioning Braun PS600 will sell or around $500.00.

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