Kenwood KP-07

Kenwood KP-07

My guess is you may not have seen one of these before. It was essentially made for the Japan market only and is the Kenwood KP-07 which was made by Micro Seiki for Kenwood.

It’s a automatic direct drive quartz lock table and will play at 33 and 45 speeds.  It was made around 1988 and ran about 75,000 yen retail.  It looks pretty similar to the Kenwood L-07D.

Kenwood KP-07 Open

There is also a KP-07M but I’m not sure what the difference is between the two models.  Here is the KP-07M.

Kenwood KP-07M

Definitely a nice looking turntable. As I said above these turntables are pretty rare and will sell for over $1000.00 when they do come on the market.

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