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The Marantz 6300 is very popular these days and they command sometimes ridiculous prices. When it was released to the market in 1975 Marantz was still seen as making hi-end audio equipment. Of course, Superscope had owned them for some time by then and, while they did produce good equipment, the mid to late 1970's stuff didn't really live up to perceptions. The 6300 probably falls into that category. I know some people that like it's look but others feel it is a little bulky and overdone. A failed attempt to convey opulence they say. Now, I'm not saying the turntable is bad. It's not. It's a direct drive turntable with a DC servo motor, optical auto-off, and both vertical and lateral balancing. But, by that time most decent turntables had these features and more.


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The Marantz 6300 sold for $249.95 in 1975 and was on the market until around 1977. I believe part of the reason for the high demand is that a lot of vintage audio enthusiasts own Marantz receivers and want to complete an all Marantz system. So, they need a Marantz turntable. Of course, an all Marantz system in the audio cabinet would look good!


Marantz 6300 Tonearm


One common problem with the 6300 is that the pitch, or speed, control gets out of line over the years. This is usually due to a potentiometer, or two, inside the turntable becoming dirty. A quick cleaning with some DeOxit could solve the problem. Also, the feet tend to go missing and they aren't cheap to replace.


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While I may sound a little negative regarding the Marantz 6300 it's really only because at the prices they are going for these days a person could very likely get a better turntable for less. Sure, it wouldn't be a Marantz but it would be better. If you're a beginner don't drop hundreds on this turntable. Buy a similar spec Technics or even Thorens. That being said, if you must have a Marantz then expect to pay upwards of $800 for a restored unit, around $500 for an average working table, and even $200 to $300 for a parts unit. Need some feet? Well, that will cost you around $150 for four. Needless to say, you might find better value elsewhere. But, hey, it is a Marantz!

Marantz 6300 Vintage Turntable
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Marantz model 6300 turntable
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Marantz 6100


Marantz 6100


The Marantz 6100 has that standard Marantz design from the 70s. Some love it. Some hate it. It's basically an entry level turntable but it's still pretty good. It features a belt drive, hydraulically damped cueing, and anti-skating adjustment.  It will run at both 33 and 45 speeds and has auto return and auto shutoff. The 6100 was produced around 1976 and was most likely made by CEC for Marantz.


Marantz 6100


The Marantz 6100 is fairly plentiful and can be found for very reasonable prices. It will make for a good entry level table for someone just starting out in vinyl. A belt drive system isn't necessarily the best but it can suffice. Just keep in mind that nearly all older belt drive turntables will need their belts replaced. Fortunately belts for the Marantz are obtainable.

I've seen the 6100 sell for $200-$300 in restored condition. Usually though they will sell for around $100 in average original condition. At that price level they will most likely need a minimum of basic servicing.


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