Marantz 6100

Marantz 6100

The Marantz 6100 has that standard Marantz design from the 70s. Some love it. Some hate it. It’s basically an entry level turntable but it’s still pretty good. It features a belt drive, hydraulically damped cueing, and anti-skating adjustment.  It will run at both 33 and 45 speeds and has auto return and auto shutoff. The 6100 was produced around 1976 and was most likely made by CEC for Marantz.

Marantz 6100

The Marantz 6100 is fairly plentiful and can be found for very reasonable prices. It will make for a good entry level table for someone just starting out in vinyl. A belt drive system isn’t necessarily the best but it can suffice. Just keep in mind that nearly all older belt drive turntables will need their belts replaced. Fortunately belts for the Marantz are obtainable.

I’ve seen the 6100 sell for $400-$600 in restored condition. Usually though they will sell for around $350 in average original condition. At that price level they will most likely need a minimum of basic servicing.

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7 thoughts on “Marantz 6100

  1. Recently bought marantz 6100 from a old music shop in Kolkata , india costs Rupees 10,000/- ( equivalent to $160 ) , fitted with a basic Audio Technica cartridge . It was running good at shop but while I fitted it with my Nad 304 , only hmmm sound coming from my speaker Tannoy DC 609 sixes !

  2. Checked RCA chord , ground wire etc & as my other Turntable EMI Sonic is playing well , worried as to what to check of my new Marantz 6100 for functioning well .

  3. I had one from about 1978 to 1995 when I replaced with a Michell Gyrodec.

    It was a cracking turntable for the price

  4. Marantz 6100 and 6200 were built by Fujiya, not CEC. Read-up on the T-Tags on the model info labels on Japanese domestic market electronics of that time period. They tell you who actually built a product. The 6300 was built by Marantz themselves.

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