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The Dual 1249 is a belt driven turntable offered by the German company around 1975. It’s retail price when introduced was about $280. It is definitely one of the better looking Dual turntables though I have always been fonder of the CS 5000 for some reason. The 1249 is a dual speed, 33 and 45, table with an anti skate mechanism as well as the ability to stack records when using the longer spindle. Of course, over the years the longer stacking spindles tend to disappear.

Dual 1249 Dust Cover

The Dual 1249 is a very well built turntable. The change mechanism, however, is somewhat complex. Over the years the original grease hardens and the mechanism won’t work properly or won’t work at all. The old grease can be cleaned off and new grease applied but it isn’t the easiest job to do. The original SM-840 motor can also be problematic in that it will suddenly start operating at double speed on occasion. Dual remedied this later with the SM-860 motor. If you do have double speed problems then you’ll need to find the SM-860. I’ve seen them sell for around $50.

Dual 1249 Plinth

Dual had a recall in the early 1980’s regarding the faulty motor so a lot of them were replaced with the SM-860. Not all SM-840’s fail so if yours is currently working then it probably will work long term. The Dual 1249 tonearm is a low mass arm with automatic set down. The multi / single VTA lever can also be a problem on the turntables. Don’t force your lever if it is stuck. It can break and cause many headaches.

Dual 1249 Tonearm

The Steurpimpel is another issue that can occur with the 1249 over the years. It’s a little complicated so I’ll post a link to a long discussion over on VinylEngine. Beside some of the age related mechanical issues the Dual 1249 really is a beautiful turntable. Nearly all vintage turntables are problematic in one way or another after having been around for 30+ years.

Dual 1249 Headshell

Most Dual turntables are popular with both collectors and vinyl enthusiasts. They are considered higher end mid-fi components and not necessarily top of the line but there are some that would argue that. As mentioned previously their build quality is excellent. If you do find one be sure to have a tech go through it a give it a good cleaning. Once cleaned and adjusted it should perform exceptionally well. A really nice, serviced Dual 1249 will sell for upwards of $400. An unserviced working version will run about $150 to $200.

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23 thoughts on “Dual 1249

  1. My son just replaced the Stuerpimpel on my old Dual 1249. I love this machine, it has give us many hours of pleasant listening. We have a large collection of Vinyl records, Classics, Jazz, German dance music, Glen Miller etc. I appreciate finding all this information on Google. I am guessing that my husband bought this set up in 1975 in Toronto, ON.

  2. Yesterday I brought home one with a Shure v15III cartridge installed. The turntable is in minty condition, operates good, however sound is unheard since the stylus is missing. This fine machine will go next to my Dual C830 cassette deck. I use it almost every day.

  3. Very good gear and advice listed. It takes me back to analog music. CDs are OK but MP3 music lacks feel and soul that is hard to find on most digital media. If I record data I try to use FLACS or similar media recordings.. I am going back to vinyl, when I can find clean copies or non-remastered (I feel the wording is more hype than quality. I hope to find a clean over hauled Monster-Amp (preferably Sansui), or a nice Tube Amp with new caps, German, Russian, or NOS Tubes with a very good a good Pre-Amp. Keep up the good work. I may be buying some gear soon.

  4. I try not to advertise myself, just positive opinions. No good comes from being negative, everyone has different likes/dislikes and tastes. Just happy to have found a decent site. I am not here to sell or buy unless moderator has approved gear. I hope for tips and advice.

  5. I just picked one up on Craigslist for $50 with a Shure V15 type III cartridge, and in excellent condition. The unit operates but needs servicing. I’ll send it to “fix my dual” for servicing. Overall, I’m very happy with the 1249 and look forward to spinning records on it for many years.

  6. 43 years and going strong, just a few issues over all these years..sold my motorcycle in 1975 and used $$ to buy my marantz 2270 and dual 1249..best choice i made,still alive and well!! many more years of rock and roll to go…

  7. I’ve had mine since it was new…just got it back out after a number of years. Works like a champ Shure M 93ed cartridge.

  8. I have a Dual 1249 record changer since it was new. It was completely check and lubricated two years ago and operated well. Now, it plays too fast. I have a new belt but not yet installed. Any suggestions? Including a good “restorer” in Oregon, Washington or California.

    1. Hello
      I am just looking into fixing my 1249.
      From everything I have read, the issue of my double speed is the motor. And Dual did replace some motors when it was found that it was defective. You need the SM 580 motor. Or a replacement of the original motor. Sounds like you also have the defective motor.

  9. Just starting to refurbish a 1249 which I bought in 1977 and have hardly used. I can’t get the turntable to lift off the base. I have tried tilting the screws and other things but they don’t seem to have the same mechanism as other table.
    Can anyone help?

  10. I solved that problem. It is necessary to push the metal base right down to the wooden base to be able to loosen the screws.

  11. Cal Taylor I was given a Dual 1249 by a friend. It had not been used for quite some years. The speed/pitch adjuster on the motor shaft did not have any effect because it had seized up from lack of use. Dismantling it, cleaning it and applying a VERY small amount of oil fixed it. The auto start stop cycle didn’t work either, but I fixed that too. That’s another story.

  12. I replaced the belt and the Dal 1249 runs at the correct speed. Now, the amplifier volume has to be turned way up. I installed a new preamp but no good results. I’m trying to get the anti-skid settings as they should be but not much luck. Does anyone know of a record changer repair place in Portland, OR?

  13. Cal Taylor are you not getting enough volume out of the turntable? if that’s the case have you got the cartridge wired correctly? You haven’t installed a Moving Coil cartridge have you? MC cartridges have a MUCH lower output i.e microvolts vs milivolts. The anti skid control puts a small sideways pressure on the tonearm and is usually set at the same value as the tracking force. Are you getting too much or too little adjustment? I think there is a small spring that applies that force to the tonearm mechanism. Have you downloaded the service manual? lots of good info in there. Just asking.

  14. I am cleaning and setting the speed and skating ,weight etc, on my 70’s Dual 1249 turntable and found the strobe light was not on. Is there a repair or bulb replacement for it, if so where could I find one while it is all apart.
    A could probably use a pen light to set speed… but nice to fix it.


  15. Dave Hretsina the strobe light bulb is a neon and not an incandescent one. the neon flickers at the same frequency of your mains ac power, i.e. 50 or 60 Hertz, depending where you live. A normal filament bulb does not flicker as it stays hot between cycles. You should be able to obtain a small neon bulb from somewhere as neons were used in indicator/bezel lamps in many applications. Try Elements 14 or Radio Spares (RS).

  16. I just restored a 1249 and put it in a wooden plinth. Looks great. Must say that the 1249 is a bit fidgety to get all working together. I prefer the direct drive 1219 which I also have.

  17. Mijn DUAL platenspeler 1249 riekt verbrand bij werking. Durf deze niet meer te gebruiken.

    Wat is de oorzaak en hoe kan dit verholpen worden?

    Met vriendelijke groeten

  18. Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this game but I inherited this record player from my uncle. I cleaned it up and looks to be in good working order the problem is it’s missing the stylus and maybe the cartridge? There’s nothing on the end of the arm at all. Just wondering if anyone has any idea where I can get a replacement?


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