Dual CS 5000

Dual CS 5000

This is the beautifully styled and sleek Dual CS 5000 with a walnut plinth.  There was also a black plinth available but doesn’t look nearly as nice as the walnut. Many feel that the CS 5000 is one of Dual’s best turntables ever.  It originally came out around 1985 and was on the market for about five years with a retail price of $400-$500.  It’s a 3 speed, semi-automatic, quartz belt drive turntable with computer controlled speed and electronic touch controls.

Dual CS 5000

The Dual CS 5000 tonearm is suspended in a gyroscopic gimbal bearing designed to reduce friction and enhance freedom of movement. Tracking force is applied via a precision torsion spring. The chassis is suspended with four adjustable shock absorbing feet. Overall it is a very well designed turntable.

Dual CS 5000

Below is the CS 5000 in black which to my eye is not nearly as appealing. However, I own a CS 5000 in black that I picked up at a garage sale for $5. I figured for that amount I’d live with the color.

Dual CS 5000 Black

The Dual CS 5000 was probably a top of the line turntable for Dual at the time it was made but Dual wasn’t necessarily making great tables at that time so that’s not saying much.  Still, you’ll find quite a few people that really like the CS 5000 so prices are somewhat elevated for a table in good condition.  A walnut CS 5000 in excellent working condition will sell from $500-$800.

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  1. I have a Dual CS5000 for sale in black. It is mint condition with an Ortofon X3 MC cartridge that sounds beautiful. Hook me up with one of your inquiries. I’m selling mine for $300.

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