Gates CB-77

Gates CB77

This is a Gates CB-77 transcription turntable that, as you can see, is in fantastic restored condition.  The Gates company was founded by Parker Gates in 1922 and produced a number of different radio related electronics. His broadcast turntables like the CB-77 and CB-500 were among them and were made during the 1950’s. The 77 and 500 are built on the same chassis but the 500 has a larger platter of 16″ as opposed to the CB-77’s 12″ platter.  The CB-77 weighs in at about 35 pounds and plays at 33, 45, and 78 speeds.

Gates CB77

As you can see the Gates CB-77 has an interested automotive shifter style speed selector. It should be left in the neutral position (as shown here) when not in use. These turntables used Gray Research tonearms and Ashland motors that were built specifically for Gates. Of course, this makes it difficult to replace bad motors.  Apparently Parker Gates used his mother’s initials C.B. (Cora B.) for the model number for this turntable.

Gates CB77

The Gates CB-77 is a highly collectible turntable as is the CB-500. Both are desired by DIY restoration enthusiasts and turntable users as well. In unrestored condition the CB-77 can sell for around $600-700.  In restored condition they can sell for over $1200.00.

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