Nakamichi Dragon Computing Turntable

Nakamichi Dragon Turntable

This turntable is a strange looking machine. It is the Nakamichi Dragon Computing Turntable and has a very Darth Vader look to it. Despite it’s roughly $2000.00 retail price tag in the mid 80’s it wasn’t Nakamichi’s top of the line turntable. The TOTL turntable was the Nakamichi TX-1000 which sold for around $8000.00. The Dragon CT was made from 1983 until about 1987 but only a few thousand were ever made so they are not very common.

Those not familiar with the Dragon CT may wonder why it has two tonearms. Well, actually, the arm in the back is not a tonearm but rather a self-centering sensor arm.  The Nakamichi Dragon CT incorporates a self-centering mechanism designed to accurately center an LP.  If the LP spindle hole is punched slightly off center or worn this will introduce Wow, or pitch distortion, into the playback. Nakamichi called it “Groove Eccentricity”. Nakamichi adjusted for this by having the sensor arm come down on the outer ring of the LP and measure the amount off-centeredness. It would then adjust for it by slightly moving the top platter. The platter is actually a two piece platter comprised of a glass top platter which sits atop a metal sub platter. The glass platter is moved by the self-centering mechanism to reduce Wow caused by off center or worn LP spindle holes.

Nakamichi Dragon Kit

The Nakamichi Dragon Computing Turntable also featured:

  • 2-Speed semi auto integrated turntable
  • Direct drive with speed control
  • Fully adjustable suspended chassis
  • Platter: Glass / Cast Alloy
  • Platter mass: 3.2kg
  • Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
  • Wow and flutter: <0.05%
  • Rumble: -83dB
  • Tonearm: gimbal bearings, detachable arm wand
  • Tonearm effective mass: 9g
  • Tonearm bearing friction: 40mg lateral, 20mg vertical
  • Dimensions: 550 x 420 x 230mm

The Dragon CT is fairly uncommon and still highly desired by vinyl users and audio collectors so prices are high relative to other more common TT’s such as the Technics SL-1200.

Depending upon condition they can sell from $3000.00 up to $6000.00.

Sale (9-24-2011) for $2,650.00 in full working condition.

Sale for $1,335.00 (10-2-2011) needing maintenance and repair .

Sale in Dec of 2022 for $6300: one owner, original box & packaging.

Sale in May 2023 for $3000 for an untested unit. Powered on only.

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