Oracle Delphi

Oracle Delphi

If you want function and aesthetics at the high end then the Oracle Delphi turntable is for you. The first version was produced around 1979 with the Oracle Delphi MK 1 version shown above being made from 1980-1984. It featured a sprung chassis, suspended sub chassis, and belt drive.

Oracle Delphi

Oracle has produced improved versions of the Delphi over the years. The version history is:

  • Oracle AC Model from 1979-1981
  • Oracle Delphi Mk I from 1980-1984
  • Oracle Delphi Mk II from 1984-1987
  • Oracle Delphi Mk III from 1987-1989
  • Oracle Delphi Mk IV from 1987-1989
  • Oracle Delphi Mk V from 1996
  • Oracle Delphi Mk VI from 2010

The Delphi is a high end turntable and you’ll have to pay a hefty price to get one. A MK 1 version in very good condition recently sold for $2152.00 (Sept. 2021). Obviously the tonearm and cartridge play a large part in the price as well. The new Mk VI version runs between $7400.00 and $8400.00.

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8 thoughts on “Oracle Delphi

  1. I have an Oracle Delphi AC that I am considering parting with and happened upon your website. Thought I’d ask if you would have an interest. It has a Grace G707 III tonearm with a Shure VST-V. I have the original boxes for the table and the tonearm. Also have the original manuals for both. It’s in used, great working condition, etc.

  2. Hi

    If I understand your add you’re selling the turntable alone witch I’m interested in. If so how much you’re asking for ?

    1. Really depends on its condition and the tonearm. It was $1250.00 US when new I believe. Of course that was in the 1980’s. It’s a great table but can have issues with the motor and suspension and might require maintenance if it hasn’t been used in a while. Still, a non working MKII will sell for around $700-800. Prices are all over the place. I’ve seen some working tables sell for $800 plus shipping all the way up to $2500. I would guess somewhere just over $1000 depending upon the tonearm. But, that’s just a wild guess (and probably a pretty good deal).

  3. I have an Oracle AC, early one too serial 12XX

    Suspension has been rebuilt. Motor still keeps perfect speed. Excellent table. I am looking for manual and service manual if anyone knows of source.

  4. Buying a used turntable with no tone arm would be like buying a car with no motor or transmission as a means of ready transportation.

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