Technics SL-1600

Technics SL-1600

Technics was a major player in the turntable market for many many years. This Technics SL-1600 was one of their offerings from 1977-1978 (though I have seen earlier dates mentioned) and is a Servo Controlled Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable. It had a retail price of $290.00. In 1979 Technics came out with the SL-1600 MKII. The MK 2 was a quartz locked version and had the controls on the outside of the dustcover as opposed to inside like the standard SL-1600.

Technics SL-1600

While the MK 2 version of the Technics SL-1600 is probably a little more popular among vinyl spinners due to its quart lock mechanism the SL-1600 MK1 is still in pretty high demand. They sell from around $350.00 for a functioning average unit up to over $1000.00 for a fully functional and cosmetically nice table.

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9 thoughts on “Technics SL-1600

  1. This model has some additional features that its predecessor the SL-1300 did not. The suspension is the most notable. It has slightly better specs, but that is not to say you will hear the difference.

    I would advise against the SL-1600 MKII model as every one of them had a design issue with the tonearm lift system. The part you would need to repair it doesn’t exist & is no longer serviced. Nice sounding table, but it won’t work right unless it was serviced for that issue decades ago and the problem was remedied then.

    The SL-1600 MKI is a very nice table, which is the one in the 2 large pictures above. I would highly recommend it as one that will make you happy. The design and build quality is excellent, just like the SL-1300. Great sound too! It is different than the SL-1300 inside and was extensively redesigned, despite how it appears outside.

  2. do you know what the part number is ffor the sl1600 dustcover,i am trying to find one and could use the part in finding one,thanks!!!

  3. I bought this turntable at The Navy Exchange In Yokosuka Japan in 1978 (along with a high end Kenwood receiver and giant Kenwood speakers and a Teac auto reverse cassette deck). Travelled the world with me for 20 years, now it’s 40 years old . While everything else is long gone for one reason or another, the Technics is still cranking along. Only problem during all the moves is the dust cover was broken at some point, and it’s hard to find unless you pay around $170 for a broken turntable (what we called a parts pig in Naval Aviation). original AT-VM8 cartridge was changed out to AT1001 then after that AT92ECD.

  4. Just picked up one of these players. Im beyond amazed at how these old players hold up.

    Had to tweak a few of the adjustment screws under the platter (has holes thru platter) for zeroing in the speeds and the auto drop for the tone arm. Amazing after all these years thats all this player needs is a few small turns of a screw driver. (and some physical cleaning)

  5. Hi There . I have an Sl 1400 semi auto bought in Oct 1976 for 320 $ including tax . I’ve run a variety of cartages ,And have found this unit very nice . I did find that the low capacitance litch wire , as I believe it is called ,is very vulnerable to being pinched . As such , if your storing the unit ,don’t fold the patch cord . Just fold the cord in a circle . This will save you a lot of grief . As for the unit , it’s been a fine and long enduring unit . Only requiring basic care and gentle handling . It is the best unit I have bought and continues to impress . Quality is quality . You get what you pay for .
    Best wishes …….DGR

  6. I absolutely love my SL 1600. In my humble opinion this turntable is so underrated. Its very well made, sounds great, and very user friendly for both use and repair. I purchased mine on EBAY and it came with the notorious auto start problem that brings the tone arm directly to the center of the album, however there is a very detailed YouTube video that shows you how to take care of that problem which was quite easy. Have not had a lick of trouble since.

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