Pioneer PL-530

Pioneer PL-530

The Pioneer PL-530 was offered from about 1976-1978. It was also known as the PL-A500s in Japan and the PL-530x in the U.S. which had a dark gray/black plinth as opposed to the wood plinth on the regular PL-530. It utilizes a DC brushless Hall direct drive motor and a separate motor for the tonearm as well. It’s two speed fully automatic. It’s probably considered a mid range turntable due to the fact that when it was issued in 1976 there were two other Pioneer turntables above it in price and quality. The PL-570 which was a automatic quartz model and the PL-550 which was a manual quartz model.

Pioneer PL-530

Still, the Pioneer PL-530 is a reliable, good looking turntable. One weakness is its plastic tonearm base which does have a tendency to crack over time. The PL-530 is pretty common and can be purchased relatively cheaply. It will generally sell from $450 for an average unit to over $1100 for a restored unit. The unit pictured above has a custom dustcover as opposed to the original slightly lower dust cover.

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4 thoughts on “Pioneer PL-530

  1. Are you still in the restoration business? I have an XL-A700 having intermittent issues with the automatic function. Please let me know if you can assist.

  2. I have a Pl-530 Pioneer tt that I have cleaned, serviced and re-veneered. Everything is going fine, but one. The speed controls for 45 and 78 will not fully stop. They continue to “wander” even with adjustment of the upper controls or the manual adjustments on the circuit board below.
    Any insight into this issue is greatly appreciated.

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