Revox B795

Revox B795

This beautiful Revox B795 Linatrak turntable was manufactured from 1979 on through the mid to late 80’s and was near the top of the line among the Revox offerings. It retailed for about $900.00 in the U.S. and is definitley one of the better fully automatic direct drive linear tracking tables around. It incorporates and very short and light weight tonearm that is specifically designed for for high compliance cartridge use.

Revox B795 Tonearm

Very similar to the Revox B790 the B795 has a smaller motor, lacks pitch control and has a platter that is nearly twice as heavy as the B790’s. The motor used in the B795 may be smaller but it runs extremely quietly and was used in most Revox turntables thereafter. It’s based on a 200 pole tacho wheel allowing precise frequency reference and therefore a better signal to noise ratio. There are touch type controls for Speed selector as well as stop and start.

Revox B795 Tonearm

Setup of the B795 without a cartridge mounting gauge isn’t easy but once it’s done right the table will perform brilliantly. That is why you’ll see a lot of people looking for that gauge. What used to be a $40-$50 gauge has climbed in price to $200-$300. Tonearm setup can be done without the gauge but, as I mentioned, it is a fairly involved process.

Revox B795 Controls

One nice feature of the tonearm is that there is a maximum drop adjustment. You can set it so that the needle will stop before engaging the mat if there is no LP in place. This could possibly save you from accidentally damaging your needle. I believe the original supplied cartridge was the Revox MDR20 which was made by AKG.

Revox B795 Back

The B795 had an optional remote control, the B202, which used a cable from the remote to the table. There are aftermarket remotes available as well but they are fairly pricey.  I’ve seen the B202 sell for around $225.00 when it comes up on auction.

Revox B202 Remote

The Revox B795 is a great turntable and those looking for a high end table will not be disappointed. These turntables command pretty high prices but compared to newer turntables that are priced upwards of $10,000 these are a bargain. I’ve seen them sell for as low as $250.00 in working but poor cosmetic condition. In good working order and very good cosmetic condition they will sell for $700.00 to $900.00.  Fully restored units are available for over $1500.00.  If you’re looking for parts to restore one or want to purchase one fully restored try  The site is in German but the link I provided should translate it to English.  There is a lot of information on the B795 and other Revox units as well as restoration parts. The unit pictured at the top is one of their fully restored B795’s and it’s nice!

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8 thoughts on “Revox B795

  1. Parts and service for these units can be found at JM Technical Arts jmtarevox at Jack does incredible work on anything ReVox.

  2. Hi,

    I own a Revox B795 which is in a pretty good status but the arm need to be adjusted ; I’m looking for an expert to maintain/repair it, in France or germany or switzerland…

    Can you help me ?..

    Thank you,

  3. I just purchased a B795 is great condition from Germany. I sent it to JM Technical Arts (authorized ReVox repair) to convert it to 120VAC and do a complete checkup and alignment, The cover is in place and NOT broken (very unusual to find) and the unit is available for sale. I will be posting on eBay soon.

  4. I have a Revox B795 turntable in descent condition an want to find it a good home .. it need a stylus .. and the rest is functioning – for its age all parts are there –

  5. I own a Revox B790 direct drive system (linear turntable). I had a problem with the deck. When down cued, the stylus would stop lowering before making contact with the record. I sent the deck to JM Technical Arts for repair. I got my repaired deck back and it was fully functioning. Sweetest sounding turntable I have ever heard. I’m not positive what the problem was, but I think a fuse replacement was involved.
    Unfortunately the same problem resurfaced a few years later. I’d like to get this problem rectified for good. I understand that since the last repair done by JM Technical Arts, they have moved. Can you give me their correct and up to date address to send the deck in for repair.

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