Sansui SR-2050C

Sansui SR-2050C

The Sansui SR-2050C wasn’t Sansui’s top of the line turntable but it was a good performing turntable nonetheless. It’s a precision 2-speed belt drive “automanual” turntable. Like that term? Automanual.  Basically it’s an automatic turntable because it utilizes auto lift and auto stop mechanisms. But, instead of using end-of-play tonearm speed to trigger the lifting mechanism Sansui uses a special detector circuit to activate a relay control system. So, their sales pitch was that it’s an automatic without the negative effects of automatic.

Sansui SR-2050C Tonearm

Everything else such as the belt drive, speed selection and hydraulic cuing are are similar to  a manual turntable.  The “C” designation on the SR-2050C means that it came with the Sansui cartridge. You could also order it without the cartridge which would be the SR-2050E.

Sansui SR-2050C Dustcover

The SR-2050C uses a heavy 12″ aluminum alloy platter and a four-pole hysteresis synchronous motor. The two buttons on the left of the turntable are the speed selection buttons so, as Sansui claims, speed selection can be easily done even in the dark. Sansui didn’t skimp in the electronic either as gold plated connection terminal pins were used in the headshell and tonearm.

Sansui SR-2050C Box

Here are some of the other features of the Sansui SR-2050C:

  • 2-speed, belt-driven turntable with auto-lifter and auto-stop
  • 301mm, 1.2kg, die-cast aluminium alloy platter
  • 4-pole synchronous motor
  • 33 and 45rpm speeds
  • Better than 40dB signal to noise ratio
  • Less than 0.07% Wow and Flutter
  • Tonearm: static balance, tubular, inside force canceller, lateral balancer, direct readout stylus pressure scale
  • Tonearm length: 220mm
  • Overhang: 15mm
  • Induced magnet type cartridge
  • 20-20,000Hz frequency response
  • 5mV output
  • 2g stylus pressure
  • 0.5mil diamond stylus
  • Dimensions: 190 x 442 x 352mm
  • Weight: 11.8kg
Sansui SR-2050C Logo

As I mentioned above the SR-2050C was not a top of the line turntable and as such it doesn’t command very high prices these days.  Still, it’s a good turntable especially at the entry level or the audio enthusiast on a budget. The tables sell for around $100-$250 although I’ve seen them sell for as high as $450.

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20 thoughts on “Sansui SR-2050C

  1. Hi there.. i have this turntable, i love it , i found it, i think it only needs a belt.. can i order one ? or get direction about getting one..

    Thank you

  2. Hi there! I have this TT but without anti-skating weight. Do you know what is the weight of this small piece? I plan to buy a precise gram weight and hang it but idk what weight i need. Any answer will be highly appreciated.

  3. Thanks a lot, Raiko!! The threads were really helpful!!I love your side!! Btw my Sansui came without dust cover, any idea where i can get one? Price?
    Thanks again for any answer!

    1. Your best bet would be to watch eBay for one. You can set up a SEARCH that will alert you via email when one is listed. You can search google occasionally for something like “Sansui SR-2050C dustcover” to see if anyone has one for sale too. Sometimes you can buy an entire turntable cheaper than you can buy just the dust cover. Especially if the turntable doesn’t work. Then just cannibalize the dust cover and other parts you may need. Or keep the dustcover and sell the rest of the parts on eBay to get your money back.

  4. Yes absolutely! I already did something like this: I bought a Sansui 7000SD reel to reel deck not working very cheap, then i bought another one not working too and made one very good looking and working reel to reel deck which im using every day!! Thank you for the answering!

  5. I have a sansui 2050C that I have had for awhile and would like to use it. Can someone tell me or sell me an amp that I can use. Thank you.

    1. Depends upon your situation. If you have a stereo with a phono input then you can use that. If you have a newer stereo with no phono input then you could buy a turntable pre-amp. Pyle makes one and so does Pro-ject. I used an old Radio Shack SA-155 for a while and it worked well. Basically it takes the low output level from the turntable and boosts it up so that a modern stereo that doesn’t have the phono circuitry will be able to handle it properly. If you have no stereo then you’ll have to decide whether you want a vintage one or a modern one.

  6. Don’t forget to oil the motor and the bearings for the turntable.
    Two oil access points under platter.
    If your platter does not turn with the belt off with the slightest touch, you need to oil these points.

  7. Hi. I’ve got a Sansui SR-2050C that I have refurbished and have done basic maintenance. It auto lift operates well, however, the it does not lift the tonearm very much if at all. Ditto for the cueing lever. I can manually pull up the arm lifter and it slowly goes all the way down. It’s almost like it needs some sort of damping (fluid) added to it. I read something about adding rubber washers underneath 3 or 4 points underneath the unit. I tried that but it did not improve the lifting ability at all. So I have to manually lift the arm and after it auto stops, otherwise the needle is always engaged with the record. Help!

  8. I have the same issue as Jeff (March 4, 2020) with the arm lifter not raising properly and slowly sinking if I raise it manually. Any leads as to how to solve would be appreciated. thank you,

    1. Not that familiar with that turntable but I think the mechanism is both electrical and mechanical with problems possible in either area. I believe the switch activates the mechanism. The switch could have a bad diode or capacitor. The mechanism could have a problem with the plunger. Not sure. You should try over at Someone there should have more expertise. Their turntable forum is HERE.

  9. Can anyone tell me how I take the platter off? I tried lifting it up and it moves a little then stops as if its hitting something?

    1. I don’t think anything holds the platter on other than gravity. Try giving the spindle a light tap while pulling up on the platter. Then a heavier tap if that doesn’t work. Preferably with something rubber so not to damage the metal. The platters get stuck on the spindles over time for some reason.

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