Technics SL-235

This Technics SL-235 is a belt drive turntable that was near the lower end of Technics product line in 1978-1979. It retailed for around $180.00. While not a high end turntable it is fully automatic and is what is called a ‘changer’ which means that, with the tall spindle, you can stack up to six records and have them play sequentially.

The multi-stack spindle is taller than the single record spindle hence the reason for the awkward looking tall dust cover. When purchasing an SL-235 be on the lookout for the stacking spindle. They are usually missing and are hard to find. If you don’t want to stack LP’s then it’s not a problem but if you do and it’s missing then you’ll have to find one on eBay.

The memo-gram feature is interesting in that it will let you repeat the play of a record depending upon the setting. Set memo-gram to 2 and the record will play twice. Unfortunately the memo-gram rarely works properly nowadays. There are levers and springs underneath that control the repeat function. These can become stuck due to old hardened grease causing the repeat function to either not work or work improperly. Some heavy cleaning can sometimes resolve the issue.


Drive method: belt drive
Motor: FG servo dc motor
Platter: 304mm aluminium diecast
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: 0.045%
Rumble: 70dB
Tonearm: universal tubular arm, static balance type
Effective length: 230mm
Overhang: 15mm
Offset angle: 22 degrees
Cartridge weight range: 5.5 to 8.5g (14.5 to 17.5g inc headshell)
Headshell weight: 9g
Dimensions: 430 x 176 x 375mm
Weight: 4.8kg

The SL-235 is has two speeds, 33 and 45 rpm, and servo controlled speed adjustment as well.

The Technics SL-330 is the direct drive version of of the SL-235. They have the same case, controls and arm. The strobe is on the left side on the SL-330 due to the different motor for the direct drive. It is also similar to the SL-230 which is a single play version without the stacking feature.

Most any standard 1/2″ head shell with fit on the SL-235 as it uses a regular universal 4 pin attachment.

The Technics SL-235 is a decent table and can found at very reasonable prices. But, if you don’t want to stack albums then it’s probably better to go with a higher end single play turntable. If you do find one at a yard sale or thrift store and it has the tall spindle it might be worth buying just for that. Those spindles sell for almost as much as the turntable itself.

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4 thoughts on “Technics SL-235

  1. I am looking for a Technics 33rpm stacking spindle. I have model SL-235. Please if you come across one and want to sell it let me know. I have been looking for over 2 years.

      1. Hello David, I’m sorry, I just saw your reply. I do have a stub spindle. If your offer is still good lets discuss further. Thanks


  2. Looking for a dust cover replacement that will work for this model and haven’t been able to find one online, anyone know where to look?

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