Technics SL-Q300

Technics SL-Q300 Dustcover

Technics produced a ton of turntables during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Here is one of their offerings – the Technics SL-Q300. It’s a fairly run of the mill turntable with a few basic features. It was sold from 1983 to 1984 and retailed for around $160 though near the end of its run it was sale priced at under $100. So, it certainly wasn’t one of their high end offerings. In fact, it was frequently offered as part of Technics’ more affordable rack systems.

Technics SL-Q300 Dustcover

The SL-Q300 is a direct drive model and has two speeds of 33 and 45. It also features a Quartz lock speed control and is fully automatic. It came stock with a very basic straight tonearm with a P-mount cartridge. The P-mount kind of limits you when it comes to higher end cartridges, though Grado, Ortofon, AudioTechnica and others do make decent P-mounts these days.

Technics SL-Q300

So, if you’re looking for an entry level turntable with basic features and no fuss operation then the SL-Q300 will work. It might not be the best choice at the lower end of the spectrum but it will do the job. Setting up a turntable can be a difficult process and some people don’t want to tinker with their table all the time. The SL-Q300 requires almost no fuss.

Technics SL-Q300 Tonearm

As I mentioned before these tables are not high quality so they are not in huge demand from vinyl spinners. Still, you’ll see quite a few of them around and they are great for either an entry level table or garage turntable. So, for about $100 to $150 you can get a workable turntable to explore the world of vinyl and decide later if you want to take the plunge into higher end offerings.

Technics SL-Q300 Turntable Vintage Direct Drive Automatic Record Player

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Technics SL-Q300 Quartz Direct Drive Automatic Turntable Pickering DL23

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3 thoughts on “Technics SL-Q300

  1. I have this turntable, it needs a new cartage. the needle is loose like a tooth , hanging .
    would like a very good needle. Debating which one to purchase. I suppose it would not be wise to purchase a real expensive one. I have fantastic sounding speakers So, what is your advice,
    I want to hear beautiful music. Thank you, Carol

    1. I would stick with a basic cartridge to start. Then upgrade later if you want. That turntable uses a P-Mount cartridge. I’ve used the Audio-Technica AT92ECD successfully. It’s a budget cartridge that still performs well. Amazon has them HERE. There are other higher end cartridges that are P-Mount. Just make sure that they include the stylus (needle) as well.

  2. How would I connect this turntable (Model SL-Q300) to a SONY STR-DH100 FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver… neither seem to have a Phono input/output. Would it work if I connected the two via a Phono preamp? Is there a certain type of phono preamp I’d need to buy to work with my specific record player and receiver? I appreciate any guidance you can provide!

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