Technics SL-Q300

Technics SL-Q300 Dustcover

Technics produced a ton of turntables during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Here is one of their offerings – the Technics SL-Q300. It’s a fairly run of the mill turntable with a few basic features. It was sold from 1983 to 1984 and retailed for around $160 though near the end of its run it was sale priced at under $100. So, it certainly wasn’t one of their high end offerings. In fact, it was frequently offered as part of Technics’ more affordable rack systems.

Technics SL-Q300 Dustcover

The SL-Q300 is a direct drive model and has two speeds of 33 and 45. It also features a Quartz lock speed control and is fully automatic. It came stock with a very basic straight tonearm with a P-mount cartridge. The P-mount kind of limits you when it comes to higher end cartridges, though Grado, Ortofon, AudioTechnica and others do make decent P-mounts these days.

Technics SL-Q300

So, if you’re looking for an entry level turntable with basic features and no fuss operation then the SL-Q300 will work. It might not be the best choice at the lower end of the spectrum but it will do the job. Setting up a turntable can be a difficult process and some people don’t want to tinker with their table all the time. The SL-Q300 requires almost no fuss.

Technics SL-Q300 Tonearm

As I mentioned before these tables are not high quality so they are not in huge demand from vinyl spinners. Still, you’ll see quite a few of them around and they are great for either an entry level table or garage turntable. So, for about $100 to $150 you can get a workable turntable to explore the world of vinyl and decide later if you want to take the plunge into higher end offerings.

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9 thoughts on “Technics SL-Q300

  1. I have this turntable, it needs a new cartage. the needle is loose like a tooth , hanging .
    would like a very good needle. Debating which one to purchase. I suppose it would not be wise to purchase a real expensive one. I have fantastic sounding speakers So, what is your advice,
    I want to hear beautiful music. Thank you, Carol

    1. I would stick with a basic cartridge to start. Then upgrade later if you want. That turntable uses a P-Mount cartridge. I’ve used the Audio-Technica AT92ECD successfully. It’s a budget cartridge that still performs well. Amazon has them HERE. There are other higher end cartridges that are P-Mount. Just make sure that they include the stylus (needle) as well.

      1. Cueing raises or lowers the tonearm. Since the SL-Q300 is fully automatic you wouldn’t normally need to cue the tonearm as the turntable will do it automatically, but the turntable will always cue it at the beginning of a record. If you wanted to drop the needle at a song in the middle of the record then you would need to position the tonearm over that spot on the record and lower it slowly yourself. For that, you would use the cueing control.

  2. How would I connect this turntable (Model SL-Q300) to a SONY STR-DH100 FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver… neither seem to have a Phono input/output. Would it work if I connected the two via a Phono preamp? Is there a certain type of phono preamp I’d need to buy to work with my specific record player and receiver? I appreciate any guidance you can provide!

  3. I have a Q300 automatic turntable. Its arm is not lowering enough to touch the disc. How can I fix it?

    1. Hi , there are adjustment screws near the tone arm fulcrum for changing these settings , but are you sure the cue control is not stuck ? Google manual for this technics TT and see the screws for adjustments.

  4. I just bought a Yamaha receiver R N 303 and connected my Technics SL Q-300 turntable to it, as well as an Onkyo audio Cassette player; also A Panasonic DVD/CD player; I am getting great sounds from my old vinyl records; I had a Thorens turntable that was more expensive, but the rubber wheel used to turn the plate got pretty warped; this turntable has worked flawlessly since I purchased it; it is direct drive. Panasonic items are made to last. I am glad that I didn’t dump my vinyl records; with the right equipment, I am having a great time with my music again.

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