Dual 1019

The Dual 1019 turntable hit the market in 1965 at a retail price of around $130. It is a fully automatic, idler driven turntable and can play all types of LP’s including 78’s. In fact, it is popular amonst the 78 community due to its high torque motor and heavy 7.5 pound platter. The automatic start/stop system is pretty complex and is completely mechanical.

The 1019 has a nice smoked dust cover and the US models came with the United Audio plinth.

The platter on the 1019 is 10″ as opposed to the larger 12″ platters on the 12xx series turntables. So, most LP’s will hang over the edge of the platter.

The basic specs are:

Drive type: idler drive
Platter: 3.4kg/7.5lbs
Wow and Flutter: +/- 0.1%
Rumble: >59dB
Tonearm: extremely low mass (Dual’s branding)
Cartridges: 1/2″ cartridges weighing 1-16 grams with tracking force of 0-5 grams.

The Dual 1019 has direct dial continuously variable anti-skating compensation, cue and pitch control and elastically damped counterbalance with rapid and fine adjust. It incorporates a friction free dynamically balanced tonearm. The arm tube is thick and rigid and can track as low as 1/2 gram.

The idler system is basically just an idler wheel under the platter. When the motor starts the idler is pushed into contact with the inner rim of the platter causing it to turn via friction. Obviously a supple idler wheel is important in order to minimize possible rumble.

With the Dual 10xx series, hardened grease is a common problem. This can make the tonearm difficult to move or the mechanics underneath seize up. A complete tear down, cleaning and re-lubrication can solve the problem. Just be careful not to run the table when it is seized up or you can damage parts.

The Dual 1019 is a great turntable once restored, especially if you are into 78’s. Some don’t like idler drives while others swear by them so you’ll probably need to listen to one before making up your own mind.

A fully restored Dual 1019 can fetch over $400 while a nice working unit will be around $250-$350.

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One thought on “Dual 1019

  1. I have a Dual 1019 I purchased overseas in 1967. It served me well until the late 1990’s when the composite/rubber “wheel” that drives the platter failed. At the time I found that component could be rebuilt/ reconditioned, but a tech friend of mine indicated that the motor exhibited a vibration. I understand that each Dual turntable model has a unique motor and replacement is problematic. Can you rebuild my treasured antique, or will I be required to use my flimsy Akai 500.

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