Technics SL-10

Technics SL-10

Introduced in 1979 the Technics SL-10 linear tracking, direct drive turntable was a high quality offering from Technics. Its production run lasted until around 1985 and it’s look is quite different from radial tracking turntables. It was successful commercially and there were a number of other manufacturers that jumped into the market with linear tracking turntables afterwards.  The stock cartridge is the Technics EPS-310MC moving-coil cartridge that is no longer available.  But, any P-mount/T4P cartridge will work.

Technics SL-10 Ad

Technics’ “It Took Ten Years To Reach The Earth” ad was in reference to the fact that the linear tracking system was designed by Technics in 1969 and it wasn’t until ten years later that they brought the first one to market. A clamp inside the table locks the LP into position so that the turntable can be set on its side and it will still play perfectly.

Technics SL-10 Open

These turntables are still pretty popular and a mint table will sell for over $450.00 while most SL-10’s sell for about $150-$300 in good working condition.

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